Just like a dog loves its bone
SAHN loved his hearthstone
The place where he was born
The mother of all mothers
The soft reddish-brown soil
The naked dance under the rain
The beautiful enchanting river flow
It sounds like music to the ears
A perfect site where lovers met.

Into the airliner, above the land
Crossing the boarders of home
SAHN met with the sky
A paradise on earth he saw,
Like amnesia, it seized all memories
His home was forgotten
Trapped deep down into him
Covered with the glitters of his new home

Like the mother hen protects its chicks
His ancestors did not forsake him
In a dream,SAHN heard a voice
It said
“ Se wo were fi na wosankofa a Yenkyi”
“it is not wrong to go back for that which
You have forgotten”
Go back and get it.

A Lie

A Lie is a Pattern of Lies
As easy as shooting a fish in a barrel
You just say it, damn the consequences
Just when You think its all done and dusted
The alarm clock buzzed as fast as
A cheetah on the serengeti

It all comes back, bringing you to a dilemma
Will the truth come out?
What will I do if it does?
You start Drowning in a sea of grief
Living your life in chains
Like a boy who cried wolf

Cherish Those who Stay

The visit,the smile,the laugh,
It all seemed heavenly

You feel its forever
You feel you found love
You Live in the moment

Just like snapping your fingers
It all goes down the drain
No why, No how, No where
The smiles, the laughs, the plays        
The love all dies down to nothing

You are now a stranger
Someone they choose to text
When every other thing bores them
You are just some lady
But no matter how bad you feel

People come and go
We can never change that         
Cherish those who stay.

His Ex Girlfriend

He looked really sad I had to ask him what was wrong, his name is Mike. I met him on the road on my way to a restaurant to have lunch. I saw a handsome guy, looking really stressed by the road and I couldn’t pass by without asking what was wrong, he was open, he told me he lost his girlfriend to a car accident and she got buried yesterday. There, I saw how lonely he felt and I invited him to lunch , he accepted and we both went to the restaurant. we ate, drank while we got familiarize with each other. That was how it all began, a month later, we started dating, we were so in love, I could do anything for him like wise. Harry was his friend, a brother to him, they both lived together like they had done for years. Harry was a really kind and caring guy, he became a brother to me too .it was few days to Mike’s 25th birthday June 4, so we decided to celebrate it with him. We planned on throwing a house party with variety of meals, drinks, fruits and all, we would organize fun games and dance, it was a fun filled idea. June 3rd around 4pm, Harry and I went to check if everything we ordered from the drink store was available, we brought them home, Harry had to go check if the decoration plans were alright while I go get the cake from the bakery, it was well made, a 3 layer blue and white cake with HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE boldly written on it. Blue and white was his favorite colors. On my way back, the taxi I boarded dropped me and I had to cross the road to get to the entrance, while crossing, a car came from no where and almost knock me down I was fortunate enough to dodge, it was such a scary experience I got so afraid, the cake dropped so I had to go back home and explain to Mike so we could just order another one since it was not too late. So I got home and he was so happy to see me then I explained to him what happened, he got so angry, we argued and argued about it, he slapped me. It was one of the worst moments of my life, it was strange because Mike wasn’t that kind of a person, the Mike I knew would have been so worried if I got hurt or not, he would hug me and be grateful nothing had happened to me. It hurt so bad, it was the first time he hit me, I cried and cried. Harry came and took me to my house, gave me some water to drink and tried talking to me about it but I told him I wanted to be alone, so he left. I went to my bed, turned off the light and cried out my frustration, then I could feel someone pulling my feet from beneath my bed, I shook! Turned on the light but I saw no one, I thought maybe I started imagining things so I offed the light, this time I felt a hand pressing my neck, I couldn’t breath, I struggled to get it off,I don’t know how, but I did then I went down the bed really scared and turned on the light I still saw no one, I tired to reach out to my phone which was on top a table but I could feel something blocking me from getting it, I tried to be brave and asked “who are you ?” “who is there ?”, “I am his girlfriend, just me and no one else, just me!” angrily, a voice said. Right at that moment I figured out it was his dead ex girlfriend, it all started coming clear to me, the accident, the fight, I got more scared, I ran to the door but it was locked, she held me by my hand and threw me at the chairs, I began to crawl away, she gripped my hair and hit my face on the floor, I was all bloody and in pains, something kept whispering to me “fight back, fight back” repeatedly, I got the strength to push her off, I don’t know how I did that, I mean she was a ghost but I did, next, I saw her with a knife coming at me, I crawl backward, I tried to wakeup but I couldn’t , she kept saying “he is mine alone” until she got to me, she raised the knife and I could see it coming down, there ! I took a deep breath like it was my last. I woke up. It was just a dream.

My Heart Is Fragile

Years back I felt like you were my world

I couldn’t live without you

I wanted to be by your side always

To feel your touch and love

But it was all just a fantasy

And now, you say I am your world

You can’t live without me

You wish to visit me everyday

Just so you can see me

But it is all just hallucination

I have decided to play along

Just so we can get along

My heart Is fragile

It left you long ago


I loved him once when he loved me not.
A pain I can’t describe and wish never to feel again.
He loves me now when I love him not.
A pain I wish he never should feel.
This feeling again With A too.
He loves me yeah or not ?What if he does?
He hasn’t told me, I don’t get it
I love him yeah or not ? I am not sure.
I don’t seem to understand. Oh dilemma!

My Mother’s Kitchen

Grung Grung Grung! !!
The round baby stone grinds onto the flat mother stone
Mother licks out the pepper into a bowl
Like a baby licks clean an ice cream cup

Round aluminum pot,all set for the mission
Mother keeps it shine and sparkling Three stone placed facing each other

With woods meted in the middle
Mother uses a rubber and
with a stick of match lights the fire

All things set In the pot cooking
Fuu! Fuu! Fuuu!
Mother kneels bending down her back
To give light unto the hearth

Four stools set in the kitchen As thou it were a conference
Mother tells stories
“girls! Do you know Abasenjo?”

A Masquerade that exposes evil
Mother said it exposed her evil uncle
Who killed people out of jealousy Being in the kitchen is always fun

When food gets ready,
Mother uses two papers to put down the pot
She serves food to everyone immediately

My mother’s kitchen.

I Am Alone

I am lost in an unknown place
I look front and back, no one!
Look side by side, no one!
I fell on my knees and bow my head
As tears rush down my cheek
My beating heart whispered
“I am alone”

He taps at my shoulder and smiles
I smiled back, I am not alone
He took me by the hand
Showed me a lovely place
We sat around a fireplace
Talking and laughing to stories

A silent breeze passed by
I look front and back, no one
Look side by side,no one
My imagination faded away
I lay on my back
Looking up to the sky
As tears rush down my cheek
My bold heart says
“I am alone”


It works independent of me
I cannot control it
It makes me do things
I don’t want to do
Fighting it was an idea
But I just can’t fight it
It is stronger than I am
It told me I am evil
But I know I am not
My mind has its own mind
It works independent of me.