While looking outside and admiring nature I thought of inspiring someone today.
No matter how worst yesterday was, don’t think about it too much,don’t be discourage, do not let yesterday take up too much of your today because we learn from our mistakes, we learn from failure then from there we become successful. You should never let failure overtake you if your determination to succeed is stronger. that is why you shouldn’t just know something but apply what you know, don’t just wish but do it. So if you have a vision, something you have planned to do, don’t wait to be pushed,let your vision pull you. Get up and do all you can with all you have. If you have confidence in yourself people will have confidence in you.

Possible solutions to reasons why teenagers do not talk to their parents about their personal experiences.

We had seen the reasons why teenagers do not talk to their parents about their personal experiences and now we will be looking at the possible solutions to this problem.

With the problem of fear, parents should try to be not just parents but friends to their children. A child should not be afraid to talk to you, they should feel comfortable and very happy that they have a mother or father who understands. Do not scold at your children for every little mistake they make but talk to them calmly, this helps reduces the fear created in their minds for you. If parents turn to be friendly and open they will learn a lot about their children and also teach them more.
Also, Parents should be able to call on their children, sit them down and ask them about issues they have; be it love matters or another because it is but natural shy children never comes to talk to their parents about these things that disturbs them and even causes them to lose focus and fail in school.
Very busy parents should try to create time out of their busy schedule to talk to their children and find out what is going on with them because a child who doesn’t have someone to direct them to the right path always turns out worst. When your child says he/she wants to talk to you about something, parents shouldn’t postpone the discussion he/she might feel discourage and will never want to talk about it again.
parents shouldn’t think that, when their children try to talk to them about love or relationship, matters it is disrespectful rather they should see that this children come to them because they know they are capable of giving good advises and of course it is natural to love and as grownups parents should know better on how disturbing love can be. So if you don’t have this talk with your children they might end up doing something they will forever regret and might blame their parents for not advising them.
All in All, we are specific about love because it is the most hidden experiences for teenagers from their parents. We all know love is a natural thing, we don’t force ourselves to fall in love. Some teenagers experience their first love at the age of 14 and if parents do not talk about this things with their children, imagine what a 14years old child in love will do without the advice of their parents.

Reason’s why teenagers do not talk to their parents about their personal experiences.

PS: By personal experiences I mean ; first Love, Crush etc.


According to personal research, most teanagers say that they are so afraid of their parents because they turn to scold at them at any given opportunity and also they didn’t seem friendly enough to be approached for that kind of discussions. Thus making them avoid explaining how they feel to their parents.


Some teanagers are very shy in nature so approaching their parents to talk about crushing on someone or more is a difficult task. So they turn to keep it to themselves and deal with it alone thinking their parents wont understand them.

Lack Of Communication

To add, some parents are very busy people who are hardly at home .some teenagers say that their parents hardly have time for them and also they never asked if they have something to talk to them about or if something is bothering them. Some only see their parents once or twice a day.


Also, other teenagers think it is unnecessary for them to talk to their parents about these things since it is their personal life . So they like to keep their experiences to themselves.


Futhermore, teenagers also think that keeping these things to themselves is a sign of respect to their parents especially in an African home were going to your dad or mum to tell them you are in love with someone at a young age seems like a taboo. Your parents will see you as a very disrespectful and spoilt child. This makes teenagers avoid this kind of talks with their parents.

We were talking about the reason’s why teenagers do not talk to their parents about their personal experiences and we saw some but not all the points like shyness, fear and disrespect. I personally think that fear is one of the biggest reasons and we will be looking at possible solutions later. Thank you.


‘I am so sorry, I can’t help you, if you want to save your daughter’s life you need to look for the money. We can’t work without the money.’ The Doctor seriously told Madam Celine who was begging for her daughter’s life. Madam Celine was a 43years old, 1.56 inches tall, fair skin, dark short hair, Slim and very hardworking woman. She had just one child and it was a girl. Kiara was a 20years old lady, 1.60 inches tall, beautiful, black, dark short hair, Slim and hardworking especially because she was from a poor background with no father but only a mother to take care of her. ‘Doctor please, please I am begging you, I will pay you the money but please just save my daughter’s life, Kiara is the only child I have’. Ma Kiara cried non-stop while a man sited at the other side of the chair watched and decided to ask what was going on. The young man went to Ma Kiara, tapped her on the back and asked her why she was weeping so much. He said ‘hello madam, I am Called Richard, I was sited at the other side and I couldn’t help but notice that you have a serious problem, what is the matter? My daughter is sick of breast cancer and it is at stage 2, the doctor said she needs to undergo a surgery to cut off the breast before the cancer spreads to the other side of her body which can kill her. I don’t want to lose my daughter, she cries heavily. Mr Richard felt so sorry for her and asked ‘You seem to have had a really bad experience in Life’. Ma Kiara looked at him straight to his eyes and knotted like an Agama Lizard, and with a deep breath she whispered ‘I have suffered’ and in a flashback narrated her story.
20 years ago, I got married to the love of my life, I gave birth to my daughter Kiara and my family was happy until my husband died of a car accident. Life became hard for me as Kiara and I had no one else to go to. We had to start selling oranges in the market to survive. Kiara could not go to school because I didn’t have the means to send her to school, so all she did was stay home and read books she took from the neighbours, because she loved to read. On Thursdays and Saturdays we would walk from house to house to look for cloths we could wash and get paid. Some days we will get dresses, other days we won’t. Kiara would work farms to raise money for us too. We continued to live like this for a long time. Every time I would sit and look at my daughter and wished I could give her a better life because she is a good and responsible girl. The people around us called us names because we were poor and couldn’t dress well. Kiara had no friends. But this faithful day Kiara returned home happy calling to me ‘Mama Mama’ just because she got a new friend. ‘Mama I met this girl on my way back from home, she asked me if I lived at this compound and that she lived just beside us, her name is Mona’. Mona was 21years, 1.61 inches tall, fair skin, dark chocolate long hair, slim and beautiful, she is a Medical student in the faculty of medicine and pharmaceutical sciences in the University of Douala. Mona became a true friend to her and me. She would buy us some new cloths, sometimes buy us something to eat, she became the sister Kiara never had and has always wished for. ‘hmmm!’ with an even more sad voice. ‘All will be fine’, Richard said. ‘Thank you sir’ Ma Kiara responded and continued, a day came, Kiara and Mona where going to bath together, Mona realised Kiara had a change in texture of the nipple and as a medical student she did a home taught method of cancer test and discovered a lump in her breast and bloody discharge from the nipple, Kiara asked what she was doing because she had no idea but Mona made up a false story in order not to tell her about it till she had told me first. Mona told me about it and we rushed her to the hospital right away ……and here we are. ‘Do not worry Madam Celine, everything will be fine, your daughter will be safe.’ Said Richard. Immediately Mona arrived with food for she had went home to cook something for them.
‘Richard meet Mona, Mona this is Richard’, Ma Kiara introduced them to each other as they shook hands. Richard excused himself saying he was there to see a friend and that he would go now. Mona begged Ma Kiara to eat something. Ma Kiara later left to look for means to have money, she went searching for where she can borrow money from but to no avail, she sold her dresses and other things but couldn’t come up with half the amount needed. She tried and tried but the whole world seemed to be against her. She had no idea on what to do, Mona had tried raising some money as well but it wasn’t still half the amount needed. Ma Kiara rushed back to the hospital hoping to plead with the doctor to hold what she has now and begin treatment while she searched for more, on arriving Kiara’s room she realised she wasn’t there. She fell down and began to scream and cry thinking her daughter was already death. ‘ where is my child, Kiara please don’t leave me alone in this world’ the doctor got in and told her not to cry that her daughter was in the operating room undergoing surgery and they are hoping everything turns out successful.
Ma Kiara was filled with mixed feelings like a rainbow filled with mixed colours thinking if she should jump and dance or not to believe the doctor, she is surprised as well. She thanks the doctor for being kind and considerate to her but the doctor said not to thank him but the man standing outside. Ma Kiara rushed outside to thank that God sent man that would be so kind to help a poor stranger and there it was, Mr Richard. She went down on her knees crying and thanking him for his kindness, he lifted her up and told her not to worry everything will be fine. They all waited outside praying and hoping the surgery goes successfully and because they served a living God, a God that answers prayers. The doctor walked out with a smile on his face saying the surgery is successful. They all jubilated and asked if they could see her, the doctor said yes, so they went in, encouraged her and made her feel loved. Kiara wasn’t completely happy, she was bothered on how her poor mother got the money for her treatment, her mother noticed this sadness and asked her what the problem was and she asked her mother where she got the money. Her mother explained to her how kind Mr Richard was to them, Kiara thanked him endlessly and Richard told her it was okay. Days after, Kiara left the hospital to the house and kept taking her prescribed treatment. Mr Richard became part of the family as he visited more often and offered to send Kiara to school, he renovated their old house, bought them some new cloths and house equipment. Richard also opened a business for Ma Kiara to keep them moving. Kiara ,her mom and Mona were so grateful to him for this and couldn’t thank him enough .One day Richard came to visit them but only Kiara was home, he held her by the hand softly as they both sat down and smiled at each other.

What do you do when you are hurting inside?

Hey ,so I was talking to someone today and she was just so sad and I was asking her what her problem was? She asked me this question,what do you do when you are hurting inside..I told her 3 things

  1. I talk to someone .no matter what problem you have that is causing you pain, talking to someone who understands you will help you reduce the pain. keeping it in there makes it more painful .who knows, that person might be able to help you
  2. I talk to myself. Sitting alone and just reassuring yourself that you are strong and can get pass that stage is important. Self trust, Self love, Mind set ,is the key. No matter how bad the situation is, trusting yourself to get through it helps alot.
  3. Let it out. What I mean is, cry if you have to, scream, throw stuffs but just don’t physically hurt yourself. These makes some people feel really better because by crying or screaming you let out all the pain or anger in you

These works for me, what works for you?